Freshmen Orientation Camp 2018 - Current Affairs and Debating Club (CADC) 

1. After registration, your camp chief will contact you regarding the payment of camp fee and the submission of indemnity form before the camp.
2. For enquiries on camp program, please contact your camp chief as stated on
*Important to note:
1. Registration is only complete when your camp chief receives your payment and completed indemnity form
2. All camp fees are non-refundable and non-transferable, even in act of god situations such as haze.
3. If you are from the Poly Foundation Program (PFP), you can only join the camps organized by the SP Students’ Union and the optional constituent clubs. Once you officially join a school in your second year, then you may join the camp organised by your academic school.
For general enquiries, please call the Department of Student Development & Alumni Relations at 68708254 between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. 


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Please indicate medical condition/ allergy, if any. (If none, please type 'NIL')
Please indicate special dietary requirement, if any (eg. halal / vegetarian). (If none, please type 'NIL')
Emergency contact person. Please state name & relationship (eg. Sharon Tan, Mother)
Emergency contact number (preferably mobile number)